IAM aromas ltd is an Innovative Aroma products Manufacturer. We design, develop and manufacture high quality enchanting aroma gifts and premiums.

Research and design team:
The expert perfumers have over 20 years of experience in creation, application and production of a variety of chic fragrances and aromatherapy oils. They work closely with our product-designers to create edge and unique aromas accessories for trendy lifestyle. Some of our products are patented and design registered.

IAM's creative designed premiums include:
-Elegant aromatherapy candles and massage oils,
-Delightful sachets,
-Relaxing home fragrances,
-Body bath and natural essential oils,
-Stylish aroma diffusers.

All these products contain different basic human moody scents that reflect the wonderful facets of life and create a balancing and harmony ambiance to the living environment. The ingenious and refinement of our premiums also make themselves great gifts that bring cherished memories last a lifetime. Other than our inventive items, we are also strong in OEM/ODM products for our partners from worldwide.